About Us

Our church is centrally located in the western suburbs of Denver, easily accessed by I-70, I-76, or I-25. We belong to the Presbyterian Church In America (PCA), and are part of the Rocky Mountain Presbytery

Worship Philosophy

Our worship philosophy is based on historically Reformed principles:​

  • To experience God's holy and loving presence as He comes to us as our Father through Jesus Christ, His Son, and transforms us by His Spirit.

  • To declare God's great worth above all things. Worship is true when we reflect back to God the radiance and beauty of His excellence. This is done through the word, prayers, the sacraments as well as psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

  • To express that our Father seeks "true worshipers" who "must worship in spirit and truth" (John 4:23-24). Worship is the cultivation of our hearts and minds so that we give Him proper reverence and praise.

  • To inquire first not what we think of God, but what He thinks of us, and how we adore and serve and cherish Him. We do not sit in judgment on God, but God judges us and rightly calls us to account in all we do.

  • To glorify God and magnify Christ as the purpose for the church. Worship is what we will keep doing, now and into eternity, after all other vital tasks of the church in and for this present age are concluded.

In keeping with these principles, our worship services are distinctly traditional.  We welcome you to visit us soon!

CPC Leadership

Our pastor is Brad Irick.  Although born and raised in California, he was blessed to marry a Colorado girl, Ali Stanton, in 1997. To their union, the Lord added a daughter, Mackenzie, in 1998 and a son, Cam, in 2005. Brad graduated from Colorado Christian University in 1997 and Reformed Theological Seminary in 2009. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree from Heidelberg Theological Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD. During his free time, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, watching golf when not playing it, and usually has his nose in a fantasy or science fiction novel. 

Brad Irick
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The history of our church is one of dedication and transition under God's faithfulness. Throughout its life, the aim has been to glorify God in the salvation of souls and in the edification of its members with God's Word.

Joined together in 1937 as First Bible Presbyterian Church of Denver, the first congregation consisted of believers from the United Presbyterian Church and Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

After years in various meeting locations, the church assumed its present location with a new building in Wheat Ridge in March, 1955. A dedication followed in October with Dr. Robert G. Rayburn presiding. The first pastor was W. Harold Mare, who later went on to be a professor at Covenant College.

Since then, through difficult and prosperous times, faithful pastors and notable speakers have represented the gospel of Christ in this church body. A few of those men include Oliver Juliusson (1960s and 1970s), Homer Fernandez (1970s), Ronald Shaw (1980s), Jim Talarico (1990s), Evan Hock (2000-08), Intrim Bob Stuart (2008-2009), Kevin Carroll (2010-2012), Joe Puglia (2013-2018), and Pastor Brad Irick (2019-present).

Through the years the church not only changed in leadership, but changed in name and church affiliation. For years, it existed as a Bible Presbyterian Church. Later on, it joined the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod and was renamed Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church. Now, by the grace of God, the church thrives as Covenant Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, formed in 1973.